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   Kevin Demers, CEO and founder of Demers Inc. and Demers Parts, has over thirty years of "direct hands on experience" within the printing machinery business, worldwide, specifically with the Heidelberg press, with replacement Heidelberg parts or with any other specific Heidelberg part. 

  Kevin was formerly employed as  an electrical and mechanical  troubleshooter and press installer for the former Heidelberg Eastern in Atlanta, Georgia ...(now Heidelberg, USA).

  Kevin travels worldwide seeking  the best value, quality, and availability of any specific Heidelberg replacement parts or specific Heidelberg replacement part. He is directly involved in  all aspects of the business, insisting on quality,  thorough testing, and customer satisfaction.

 1.800.956.3612     1.941.625.PART (7278)   



 Call Michael Demers, V.P. Parts Sales for "Parts" sales, price and availability. Michael  is experienced and dedicated with many years of service in the replacement of Heidelberg parts for various Heidelberg presses and die cutters.

 Our parts, for Heidelberg presses and die cutters are individually labeled and wrapped for identification/storage. 
Many specialized parts are special order from our suppliers.
We appreciate expeditious return of our "core"parts" program.
We appreciate your busines, we work diligently to purchase/produce/sell a reasonable quality part for a reasonable price.
Please confirm your parts order with our machine model, type, serial number, well as the verified part number and part description.  Fax or email the part order to us.



INVENTORY DISCLAIMER:  We strive to always maintain strong levels of inventory, however, we regret that not all new/used parts are in stock at all times.

RED BOXES:  As you look throught these pages, you will note some parts are highlighted within 'red boxes'.  They are newly added parts/product.  We have tried to keep similar functioning parts grouped together for better technical optical comparsion.

SPECIAL ORDER:  Some parts not found in our site can be special ordered; we need 4-6 days lead time and typical prepayment.




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